Our Installation Process

Prior to Installation

Our Master Installers wear indoor shoes with shoe booties and your flooring with drop cloths.

Towels will be used to collect excess moisture around window ledges.

Installation will be done by an Accredited Installer by the IWFA (International Window Film Association)

Our installers receive training in Architectural Film Technology and Installation Techniques – a concentrated program of study organized and directed by the International Window Film Association constituting an intensive review of architectural film selection and accepted installation techniques.

During Installation

Your windows will be cleaned with a razor blade and a mild soapy water solution.

The window film will be cut down by a film cutter then installed on your window and trimmed with a razor knife. All excess blades are disposed of in a plastic knife box.

After Installation

All furniture and window treatments will be put back into place after installation. After clean up our Master Installers will go over all warranty information and care instructions with you.

Return Policy

Sunsational Solutions’ goal is to ensure complete satisfaction for our clients. Our film installations come with manufacturer backed warranties on all material and labor. The life of the warranty is varied based on the product selection. For the duration of your warranty, any manufacturer imperfections in your window film application will be corrected to the International Window Film Association (IWFA) standards.

The installation of window film is specific to the needs of your home or business. The product you have selected is cut and mounted to the specific windows of your home or office and cannot be reused. Because of this specific application procedure, there are NO REFUNDS on any of our flat glass window film installation services.

If you have found your installation does not meet IWFA standards within 7 business days, please contact your energy consultant at 512-246- 8468. We will provide a consultation to discuss further solutions, handled on a case by case basis.