Solar Control Window Films


Increase Comfort

Window film applied to the interior of your windows can reject up to 80% of the sun’s heat, reducing hot spots and making your home more comfortable year round.


Protect from Fading

Window film can block up to 99.9% of the Ultraviolet Rays from the sun, greatly reducing the effect of fading of your carpets, hardwood floors, rugs, fabrics, and artwork


Lower Utility Costs

By reducing hot spots window films help the regulate temperature throughout the home. Many customers see a reduction in their energy consumption which means lower monthly bills and a longer life for your air conditioning unit.


Minimize Glare

Too much natural light can be a bad thing. Window films can reduce glare in problem areas without eliminating natural light altogether.

What is solar control window film?

Designed for residential and commercial applications, solar control window films offer a cost-effective alternative to window or glass replacement.

Composed of a plastic similar to one used in water bottles, solar control window films offer a non-toxic solution to improving the performance of existing windows.  With dozens of performance and color options available, the newest generation of films can be applied to interior or exterior glazing as well as dual pane low-e windows.


Our Products

sunsational solutions sun lite window films

Sputtered metal alloys including Inconel, 100% dye free, excellent Infrared(IR) reflectivity similar to gold and silver, minimal visible light reflection (Non-Shiny appearance). Available films: Sun Lite 80; Sun Lite 70; Sun Lite 60; Sun Lite 50; Sun Lite 40.

sunsational solutions sun cool advanced window films

Vapor composition aluminum, high heat rejection, shinier appearance with the stronger films, dual reflective technology reducing interior night time shine, provides daytime privacy. Available films: Sun Cool Advanced 40; Sun Cool Advanced 30; Sun Cool Advanced 20; Sun Cool Advanced 15; Sun Cool Advanced 5

sunsational solutions sun cool window films

Reflect Protect’s high exterior reflection and low interior reflection make it ideal for one-way mirror applications, as well as providing unparalleled heat rejection and glare reduction.

In order to provide our customers with the best options available, we offer brands renowned for their quality and support.  For this reason, we are proud dealers of 3M window films.

3M Prestige

A non-reflective film that blocks heat without blocking the light.

3M Thinsulate

Virtually invisible insulation. Enhance comfort and efficiency year round.

3M Night Vision

A dual-reflective film that blocks up to 71% of the solar energy.

3M Ceramic

A titanium-nitride ceramic film that blocks up to 59% of solar energy with minimal reflection.

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