The Federal Tax Credits for Insulation and Radiant Barrier for 2009 are 30%. This is unheard of. Previous tax credits were only 10%. Currently Austin Energy customers will receive .10/sq ft for radiant barrier bringing your discount down to almost 46%. Blown attic insulation is even better Texas Gas Service and Austin Energy customers will receive a significant rebate. These are a little more difficult to calculate but I will try to explain the best I know how.

If you have R-19 in your attic now we will need to add R-19 to get the minimum requirement for Texas. If you have 1000 sq ft we multiply 1000 sq ft by 19 (Added R-value) times .0035 + $45= $111.50. If Austin Energy customer also receives Texas Gas Service then Texas Gas Service will match the Austin Energy rebate. This now totals to $223.00. To add R-19 we charge .45/sq ft in most cases. That is 450 dollars minus 111.50 minus 111.50 minus 135.00 (30% Tax Credit) = $358.00 in total rebates. This comes to ONLY $92.00 total investment. According to our calculations this 92.00 will come back within one year of energy savings.This is AMAZING!!!!!!

Again I cannot stress the fact that 2009 is a fantastic year to add attic insulation and radiant barrier to your home. This tax credit will not continue past 2009 from what we have heard. In 2010 the energy requirements will be much more strict. Remember that the building envelop is the most important aspect of your home for saving energy. This combined with window film and ventilation of the attic will complete most of the energy saving problems people have.