On Wednesday we removed old anti-graffiti film from a tasty deli (Murphy’s Deli) in downtown San Antonio.  These panes of glass are often vandalized with acid or scored with different tools.  Anti-Graffiti films are a clear protective coating that goes over glass (or any smooth surface like granite or stainless steel) and protects it from getting damaged by these methods.  We simply remove the old material and the glass is safe.

The average cost for single pane clear tempered glass is around $12/sq ft plus installation, but the average cost for a 6mil Anti-Graffiti film is $7.50/sq ft for removal of old film and installation.  Obviously using Anti-Graffiti film will save you money and installation/manufacturing time compared to replacing glass.  If a storefront uses a more energy efficient window like dual pane tempered with a low e coating the cost for glass replacement can double or triple.  This makes anti-Graffiti film a more valuable investment.