Now, more than ever, data security is vitally important for consumers. And businesses are not only concerned about digital security but the physical security of data as well.

Our clients are often looking for ways to protect sensitive information displayed during meetings. In the past, our solution has been view-obscuring privacy films. While these films provide the privacy our clients want, they aren’t always the best solution aesthetically for the space. Casper cloaking films are a great solution when privacy is paramount but blocking the glass completely is not.

Casper Cloaking Films work as a smart shield to enhance data privacy in the workplace and surroundings. Cloaking film provides the peace of mind to collaborate freely by concealing the contents of computer monitors and TV screens, while still allowing visibility into a room. 

To anyone standing outside the room, only a black screen would be visible.casper cloaking film

The film is an ideal solution for glass walls, providing privacy for sensitive information while not closing off the space like traditional privacy films. It’s slightly grey in color but modern and minimalist in design: working perfectly in modern and traditional design aesthetics.

Casper gives individuals and businesses transparency and confidentiality in their workplace. The smart shield in the film ensures data privacy and protection of your meeting outcomes while providing a safe and sound working environment for your employees.

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