Utilizing existing sunlight reduces the need for artificial lighting, reducing energy costs, improving employee well-being and even improving retail sales.

3M Daylight redirecting film is applied to windows to reflect and redirect the sunlight into deeper parts of the room. It is a simple yet effective solution for your lighting needs. You can easily integrate the films into your existing windows without additional maintenance or special cleansing.

Manufactured using micro-structured prisms, the redirecting film redirect more than 80% of sunlight towards the ceiling and scatter it for even distribution. These films are installed to the upper area of a window. Once daylight hits the window, the film redirects the light towards the ceiling instead of reflecting on the walls. This helps natural light penetrate further into the building as well as reduce the glare on computer monitors and workspaces.

For office buildings and hotels, it could mean more light at a lower cost in addition to enhancing comfort. Creating bright interiors can increase tenant retention. When it comes to cost-effective brightness, daylight redirecting films are a great alternative to traditional lighting solutions.

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