We recently finished a project for A3 Designs ( http://a3online.com/ ).  They did a buildout for a company called Peak Performers ( www.peakperformers.org ) which is a staffing agency located in the Triangle at Guadalupe and Lamar.  Their client had an idea of having active people on the storefront to help capture attention to their office.  We helped with this design and implemintation of the design to the windows.  We used three different types of frosted films to add depth between the different people.  This also helped distinquish their office from the others in the area.  The photographs do not do this project justice.  It is very eye catching when walking past their office.  Passer-bys comment on this design without knowing who Peak Performers are or what they do.  Just stand outside the office doors for a moment and you will hear people talking about these images.

This shows that when done correctly a customized storefront can create additional positive attention and drive individuals into your store and website.