Reading warranties are funny. The number of stipulations that manufactures state on their warranties that allow them to void the warranty limits a customer’s service from the manufacturer. Today I was reading a glass warranty for a very popular unit here in Austin and it reads as followed: if the window has paint or stained, condensation on windows, extreme wind loads, weathering, aging, wear and tear, lack of product mainenance, handling, sotrage, or installation, including but not limited to non-vertical, upside down, on the side, or out of square installation, any condition resulting from exposure to corrosive fumes or condensation, subjection to stress from movement of the structure, films and coatings on the glass, or use in swimming pool enclosures, natatoriums, or other high humidity areas and if a named storm is within 70 miles of a window it will void the warranty.

labor and shipping costs are not included in this warranty.

So I wonder after reading this what else can go wrong with the window? If there is any one thing I recommend is read the warranty thoroughly and ask questions about it to know what will be covered.

The most interesting thing is our window films cover glass warranties in the event like above, and our warranty is often better than the warranty from the glass manufacturer itself.

So if 70 miles from a named storm that would mean that hurricane IKE came that close to Austin, does that mean that the window warranties are all voided here?

Just food for thought.