solar screens

Before: with solar screens

Every customer gets a thank you letter and survey so that I can track my employees and it gives a customer to offer suggestions for my company. We RARELY get anything less than a 4-5 out of 5. A lot of times we get responses that make me smile with such pride like this one in Austin.

Hi there Sam,

I wanted to “Thank You so much” for all your help & time helping me decide on the perfect tint for our new house.

Like I told you, we had just built our house, moved in & love all our big windows, however the sun & heat coming in was horrible! We knew we had to do something to help keep the sun, glare & heat away. We thought that getting “solar screens” would be the thing to do. After a couple weeks of researching, 5 bids, 2 sample windows…we decided to have solar screens put on our house. What a huge mistake that was! Leaving our house one Sunday with windows, we arrived home later that day having big brown screens, where were all our big pretty glass windows? To my surprise we did not like the solar screens! We felt like they over powered the house! It looked like a prison! We missed seeing all the pretty glass.

window film

After: with window film

The next morning after the rain we could not see out the windows at all, the rain got stuck in the thick screen. Not only did the screens look horrible from the outside, but we could not see out from the inside. That day I knew I could not live with the solar screens. So I made the call “to have all the solar screens taken off” I made a big mistake, a big costly mistake, but the screens had to come off. With the screens off, we were back to square one…sun, heat, glare, etc…

That’s when I started researching tint companies. Once I talked to you, the research & calling around was over! I was so impressed with you, your company & your tint brand & quality! I thought it was great, that after talking with you that first time, you were able to come to my house 2 hours later, give me a bid, talk about my opinions & brought samples of your tint. After my visit with you is when I knew “tinting is what I should have done from the start” The next day when Jeff showed up to tint a sample window, to make sure we’d like it… I was so impressed! He was so professional, fast & totally knew what he was talking about. We love the way our house looks now with the tint.

The tint looks beautiful, not only does it make a huge difference in the heat, sun & glare…I love the way it looks from the outside. One of my biggest complaints before was being able to see into our house & seeing the white wood blinds from the curb..Yuck! Now that is no longer a problem. All my friends & neighbors say it looks great…a lot better than nothing & tons better than the thick ugly solar screens. It was truly a pleasure doing business with you. I am a very picky person, and our home is our lifetime investment & I’m glad it was you, Jon, Jeff & SUNsational Solutions that came to our rescue. I have & will continue to pass along your name & company to all my friends, family & even strangers, ha!

Thank you again!


Michelle & Jim
Cedar Park, Tx.