If you have been thinking of adding additional attic insulation to your attic now is the time. The weather has been a little chilly lately and some of us have already turned on the heaters. Keep in mind that the attic insulation Federal Tax Credit is still available and as one of my earlier blog postings discussed how this can affect you. Here is a recap;

If you have R-19 (approximately 7.5″) of attic insulation in your attic we will need to add and additional R-19 to get the minimum requirement for Texas. To calculate the rebate for Austin Energy assuming your home is 1000sq ft we multiply 1000 sq ft by 19 (Added R-value) times .0035 + $45= $111.50. If Austin Energy customers also receives Texas Gas Service then Texas Gas Service will match the Austin Energy rebate. This now totals to $223.00. To add R-19 we charge .45/sq ft in most cases. That is $450 minus 111.50 minus 111.50 minus 135.00 (30% Tax Credit) = $358.00 in total rebates and credits. This comes to ONLY $92.00 total investment. According to our calculations this 92.00 will come back within one year of energy savings.

I felt this is something everyone should try and utilize before the year is out.

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